The coefficients of the development of virtual reality and enhanced VR allows companies to enable its customer to choose any method of valuation of its two services: a fixed price and time and material. strives for the best results of their work and know how essential for the development of companies is adequate facilities in virtual reality, trying to choose the methods of operation and presentations on the network in a way most appropriate for the business profile. A fixed price is preferred when you have a limited budget and strictly defined terms. To succeed in developing VR applications at a fixed rate, you have to provide detailed documentation of the project. VR companies that have specific guidelines for action can more efficiently and effectively carry out their work .The perfect combination of professionalism and knowledge they possess top-notch VR companies allows each industry to develop in the realm of virtual reality rapidly and successfully.


The following table shows some of the products needed for the activities of the VR and their prices:


Vr companies products

Vr companies products prices

VR Headset for iPhone and Android Phones – Premium Virtual Reality Goggles [3D Goggles] $37.99
Ultra-light 3D Movies/Games VR Immersive Virtual Reality Headset with Built-in HQ Aspherical Lens $23.99
Pansonite 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Headset for Games $22.99
VeeR Fabric 3D VR Headset, Virtually Reality goggles with remote control, black VR glasses with HD VR lens $25.99
Merge Cube – Hold Holograms in Your Hand with Award Winning AR Toy for Kids $14.97
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